Investigating Errors

The following instructions will point you in the general direction to begin solving the problem:

1.     Look at the error email and note the name of the process flow in which the error occurred, the time of execution, and the step that is shown with status Aborted.
2.     Navigate to History -> Process Flow Log.
3.     Click on Status drop box and select Aborted.
4.     Click on Details.
5.     For the process flow being investigated, click on Diagnostics.  Most often there will be a text description of the problem.

If there is no text description of the problem available in Diagnostics, click on Details  to see the specific steps in the process flow and the status of each.  This may give you some idea of where the problem occurred

  • If you cannot determine the problem and if the source file still exists in the source folder, you can try resubmitting the file.  It may process successfully when resubmitted if the problem was due to some internal Adeptia failure.  

Note: In this case, email notification of errors has been enabled.

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