Restarting Adeptia after failure

Following this procedure to ensure all files are properly processed:

1.     Do a Remote Desktop Connection to the Adeptia server.
2.     Navigate to Administer -> Maintenance -> Kernel.
3.     Click on Pause Kernel.
4.     Navigate to to Administer -> Maintenance -> Kernel and click on Resume Kernel.
5.     Navigate to History -> Process Flow Log.  Check what processes were running when the shutdown occurred.  
6.     For each process in the process flow log that was running at shutdown:

  •  Determine if the file made it to the file target and if it is complete.
  •  If the file did not make it to the target, the file should still be in the source folder since it did not finish processing.
  •  If the file did make it to the target, it is most likely incomplete since the process flow did not finish running at the time of shutdown.  If you can verify that the file was complete, you can delete the source.

7.      Make sure process flows are running.  You will see process flows with status of Executed.  Click on Details to refresh the screen and make sure you see process flows ending and new ones executing.

Note: In this case, Adeptia is installed on a Windows system and the Kernel and Webrunner are registered as services.

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