Shutting down Adeptia

Before shutting down Adeptia, you must be sure to pause the Adeptia Kernel.  If you do not pause the Adeptia Kernel, any files accumulated while Adeptia is shut down will not be automatically processed on restart.

Here are some reasons you may need to shut down Adeptia:
•     You made changes to the System Properties and need to restart Adeptia so they take effect.
•     System must be shut down so more memory can be added to the environment.
•     Other system maintenance must be performed on the environment.

When shutting down Adeptia, it is important to make sure all process flows currently executed have finished, and no new process flows are started.

To shut down Adeptia, follow these steps:
1.     Log in to Adeptia as “admin” with password “indigo1” (or another admin account).
2.     Navigate to Administer -> Maintenance -> Kernel.
3.     Click on Pause Kernel.
4.     Navigate to History -> Process Flow Log and make sure all existing processes have completed.  (All processes should have a status of Executed and not Running.)
5.     Do a Remote Desktop Connection to the Adeptia Server.
6.     From the Start menu on the box, click on Services.
7.     Change the Startup Type for the Adeptia Suite Kernel from Automatic to Manual.
8.     Change the Startup Type for the Adeptia Suite Webrunner from Automatic to Manual.
9.     Click on “Stop the Service” for the Adeptia Suite Webrunner.
10.     Click on “Stop the Service” for the Adeptia Suite Kernel.

Note: In this case, Adeptia in installed on Windows with the Kernel and Webrunner registered as services

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