Migrating globalTemplate and valueMap

Adeptia Suite Migration utility won't migrate globalTemplate and valueMap. To use these globalTemplate and valueMap you need to follow the steps below:

1. Stop the Source Adeptia Suite Services.
2. Go to the Adeptia Suite Installation Directory \AdeptiaServer-5.*\ServerKernel\web\applets\mapping.
3. To migrate globalTemplate. Select the globalTemplate folder and copy the required template.
4. Start the Services.
5. Stop the Target Adeptia Suite Services.
6. Paste the globalTemplates copied in step 3 and paste it in the Adeptia Suite Installation Directory \AdeptiaServer-5.*\ServerKernel\web\applets\mapping of the target directory.
7. Start Adeptia Suite Services and to verify open the datamapper and view the globalTemplates.

8. Click on Synchronize button and close the window.

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