Alerts in Process Designer

1) Server - activity has no input data stream.

This activity is not given input stream.

Please make sure the this activity is getting the input stream from the activity whose data will be processed by this activity. For help you can select the Developer Guide from the Help Menu in Adeptia Suite and search for "Multiple Streams".

2) BPMN - has no condition associated with it.

You have not defined any condition on one of the control flow going out from the decision box.

To fix this double click over the outgoing arrow which is going out from the Decision Box and then Click over the Edit Condition and choose any of the Condition Type. In case you don’t want to define any condition, you should use Default Control flow.

3) BPMN should have default flow as the last transition in the sequence flows order.

At least one control flow which are going out of the Decision box must be Default Control flow. Refer to Help Guide on how to use gateway conditions in process designer.

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