Removing Adeptia Services


Every once in a while we need to stop the Adeptia Kernel and Webrunner services and restart them. When you bring up the task manager to do this we have 2 sets of entries (See Diagram Below). One points to the V5.0 software and one to the V5.3 software. Do you have a procedure to remove the old entries? On occasion they have caused confusion on which ones needed to be started.




1) Press [Windows] + R to open the Run window
2) Type services.msc in the field and click OK
3) From the services list, identify the Adeptia Kernel/Webrunner for 5.0
4) Record the Service Name

For example: Adeptia Server WebRunner

5) Start > Right-Click the command prompt > Run as Administrator
6) Enter the command: sc delete "Adeptia Server WebRunner"

7) Now refresh the services list and check if the Adeptia Server WebRunner service (for v5.0) has been removed
8) Repeat for the "Adeptia Server Kernel" service

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