1. Schema Creation – In case of creating schemas with encoding defined as UTF-16 in XSD files, you need to define “UTF-16LE” or “UTF-16BE”as encoding type in Advanced properties of the Schema activity.
2. Data Mapper – While loading the above created schemas in the Data Mapper the encoding should be set as “UTF-16LE” or “UTF-16BE” in the Data Mapper activity as well.
3. WS Consumer: In case of creating a WS Consumer activity by uploading a UTF-16 encoded WSDL file or by providing a WSDL URL, you need to provide the encoding type of WS Consumer activity as UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE.
4. WS Provider: In case of creating a WS Provider activity by uploading a UTF-16 encoded WSDL file or by providing a WSDL URL, you need to provide the encoding type of WS Provider activity as UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE.
If the WS Provider activity is being created via selecting schema, you need to provide the encoding type of the schema selected in WS Provider activity.

Note: UTF–16 encoding support in Web Service has only been provided in case of Metro Engine and UTF-16 encoding is not supported in REST Web Service.

1. Process Flow -In case of creating a simple Process Flow for example –
Source –Schema- Data Mapping – Schema –Target.
You need to make sure that you have provided the correct encoding of the activities in PF as well.
2. Moreover if a schema or Mapping activity has been designed using UTF-16(UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE) encoding then it expects a source input file of the same encoding format at run time. Just for clarification, in case the schema and Data Mapping Activity used in the Process Flow is of UTF-16LE encoding then the source input file being provided to schema or Mapping activity should also be of UTF-16LE. The input header of the XML file should also be defined as UTF-16LE in such cases.

1. In case of Data Mapping activity receiving input as UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE then it’s advised to use the encoding type of the activities defined after data mapper activity as UTF-16 in the process flow (the encoding and other parameters of the activity can be changed via double clicking on that activity in Process flow). For example in case a Process Flow consist of the following activities such as:
Source-Data Mapping- WS Consumer –Target
it is necessary to assign the encoding type of WS Consumer activity as UTF-16 in process flow and the same goes for other activities as well .
2. Repository View: In some cases where the UTF-16 data is being set in context and the user is unable to view the contextInfo via process flow logs, the user needs to define a variable in process flow via the name of “contextDataEncoding” and define its value as UTF- 16(UTF- 16LE or UTF- 16BE). Then the user will be able to view the context data.(This parameter is defined to create the context XML in UTF-16 format.)
3. Context Source and Target -It is mandatory to define the encoding type of Context Source , Context Target, and Data Mapping Activity in process flow as their default encoding defined is none in the Process designer.

Note: Run time encoding of activities in Process Flow can be changed by double clicking on the activities and manually entering their encoding.

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