Using actual test data in Debugger


I'm trying to use the debugger tag but it's appears to be inconsistent in
the data it's using. The first time I looked in this tab after running
data through Data Viewer in UI the output contains my actual input data. I
exited the mapper, made a change to my input schema, came back into the
mapper and now all I see it the mocked up input data, not my actual input
data. I want to see my actual test input data, not mocked up data, in the
output screen of the debugger tab. How can I do that?



To view your actual Input Data in the Debugger of the Data Mapper do the following:

1) After opening the Data Mapper attach the Input Source File on the root node of the Source Schema using Attach Source option

2) After attaching the Source preview it using the Preview option

3) Then open the Debugger and your actual input data will be displayed.



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