Changing the case sensitivity MySQL


We have test server and production server. When we are trying to migrate activities from test to prod some of the activities are migrated and stored procedure activities are not migrated by saying AU_STOREDPROCEDURE table doesn't exists.
Scenario 1:
So we created a new table AU_STOREDPROCEDURE and migrated again. Now we are able to migrate all the activities successfully and able to see the record in the backend but unable to see in the UI.

When we are creating the stored procedure from the UI, these details are being entered into AU_StoredProcedure table which was created while installation.

What we understood is while migration it is taking AU_STOREDPROCEDURE table and while creating from UI it is taking AU_StoredProcedure table.

Note: We have tables with complete capital letters in both development and test servers.



  1. Remove the tables from the Backend Database that you have created manually.
  2. Turn off the case sensitivity of the MYSQL database. You can search over internet here's the link that you can also refer:
  3. Try Importing the zip again. Hopefully you will be able to import the objects now.
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