Java - Do you want to run this application?


With 6.1 a dialog is shown each time an applet is started, which requires the user to click ‘run’. Is it possible to stop this from happening?




This Pop-Up can be removed by changing or modifying Java security setting in Java control panel. There are two options you can try to get this Pop up removed every time:

  1. Go to Java control panel. In security tab you can change the level of your security setting. Also, at the bottom you can see ‘Exception Site List’ where you can add the URL Adeptia suite’s Applets i.e. Process Designer and Mapper .
  2. At bottom of the ‘Security’ tab you can see a ‘Manage Certificates’ button. Click on this and check if Adeptia, Inc is there under ‘Trusted Certificate’ or not. Please see the screen-shot for the same.

Please refer below URL for more reference on the above suggestions:

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