URLs to Trigger-now/Activate/Deactivate all Events


We have a monthly DR where we need to stop our Adeptia Kernel and WebRunner and JMS Queue but we want that we should deactivate all events before doing this practice. Actually what happened last time is some events were running while Adeptia shut down so to have a better performance we just want some script/code to deactivate events.



If you don't have a very large amount of triggers, we would recommend using the bulk de-activation option available for each type of trigger. Following is the forum post for the same:-



For a large number of triggers, we have exposed a Rest API to activate, deactivate and Trigger-now Events which is very useful and by the help of which you can deactivate/activate/trigger-now the batch of events using a URL. Below is the format of URLs:-

  • URL to "activate" the Event

http://<<ServerURL>>:8080/adeptia/serviceAction/activate/FileEvent?ids=<<CommaSeparatedEntityIDs>>&entityNames=<<CommaSeperatedEntityName(s) of Events>>&activateFlags=<<Set CommaSeperated "false" for each IDs to activate>>

  • URL to "de-activate" the Event

http://<<ServerURL>>:8080/adeptia/serviceAction/deactivate/FileEvent?ids=<<CommaSeparatedEntityIDs>>&entityNames=<<CommaSeperatedEntityName(s) of Events>>&activateFlags=<<Set CommaSeperated "true" for each IDs to deactivate>>

  • URL to "trigger-now" the Event

http://<<ServerURL>>:8080/adeptia/serviceAction/activate/FileEvent?ids=<<CommaSeparatedEntityIDs>>&entityNames=<<CommaSeperatedEntityName(s) of Events>>&activateFlags=Set CommaSeperated "triggerNow" for each IDs to triggerNow>>


Here, provide the appropriate required values in between <<>> and hit this URL in that browser from which you are logged into Adeptia using "admin" user so that it can use the same session.

Note: The examples shown above are for File Event. You can use the same URL for any event by defining the event type (in place of FileEvent) like for Spazio Event, the URL would be:-

http://<<ServerURL>>:8080/adeptia/serviceAction/activate/SpazioEvent?activateFlags=<<Set "false" to activate>>&ids=<<CommaSeparatedEntityIDs>>&version=<<Version number of Spazio event>>entityNames=<<CommaSeperatedEntityName(s) of Spazio Events>>

eg: http://localhost:8080/adeptia/serviceAction/activate/SpazioEvent?activateFlags=false&ids=192168001180152629789959000003,192168001247124610066521800023&version=1&entityNames=Spazio_event_QM2,Spazio_event_QM4


Using URLs in Rest Consumer

You can also create a Rest consumer using this URL and can activate, deactivate and trigger-now the events by executing a single process flow. Following are the high-level steps for the same:-

1. Create a Rest consumer with the URL

http://<<ServerURL>>:8080/adeptia/serviceAction/activate/FileEvent?ids=<<CommaSeparatedEntityIDs>>&entityNames=<<EntityNames of Events>>&activateFlags=<<Set "false" to activate>>


2. Create a Security Policy activity using Basic Authentication Option and Having User: admin(Adeptia User) and it's password. Use this in above created Rest Consumer.
3. Create a Process Flow using the Rest Consumer created in above step.
4. Create a Rest Provider.
4. Hit the Provider URL in a Browser.
5. The flow inside Adeptia will be triggered and will perform the action of Activate/Deactivate.


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