Using the Tracer Utility

Tracer Utility is a standalone tool to gather the information about the Adeptia Suite. The information gathered by the utility helps to investigate the scenario if any problem occurred in production environment. It reduces the time in exploring the cause of any unexpected behavior.

Gathering Information Using Tracer Utility

Steps to run tracer utility:

For Windows:
1. Open Command prompt.
2. Go to <Adeptia-Installation-Folder>/ServerKernel/tracer.
3. Execute server-info.bat.

For Linux:
1. Open terminal.
2. Go to < Adeptia-Installation-Folder >/ServerKernel/tracer
3. Make sure that file has execute permission.
4. Execute ./

Note: When you will execute the file, a zip file server-info_<timestamp>.zip is created in the tracer folder. This zip file has all the required information regarding the status of the Adeptia Suite at the time of the execution.

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