Recover a map


For some reason or another, you're unable to pull up a data map and receiving a null pointer exception error in the Java Console


at com.adeptia.indigo.applet.xml.EasySchemaDomManager.configureTarget(
at com.adeptia.indigo.applet.gui.MainFrame.configureTargetSchema(
at com.adeptia.indigo.applet.gui.MainFrame.configureTargetSchemaEditing(
at com.adeptia.indigo.applet.gui.MainFrame$39$



One way to quickly recover the map would be to use the Import Mapping option

1) Create a new data map activity with the same source and target schemas
2) Use the Import Mapping option within the Data Mapper's Action menu to select the data mapper that is encountering the issue

3) Your mapping rules should be restored





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