What is expected in the filePattern variable?


Hi - I would like to dynamically populate the filePattern in a process flow. I have this in a Put-Context-Var as yyyyMMdd (I tried with and without quotes) and the process flow is aborting with "com.adeptia.indigo.services.ServiceException: File Pattern not properly defined "yyyyMMdd""

I'm not finding where this is defined on the help site or the developer guide. Can you please tell me what is expected in this field?



The default value for filePattern is 0|0|N

This would indicate no values have been selected for Time Stamp (date) | TimeStamp (time) | Create Unique File option

For example - For yyyymmdd as the time stamp date and no timestamp time or create unique file selected, you can set the filePattern value as yyyymmdd|0|N



If you right click on the Activity and select view, you will be able to see the property values as defined for the flow.

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