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When Trying to open a Map in the Data Mapper, if I don't have the referential XSD's in the directory where java opens the data mapper in the path specified in the XSD loaded to an XML Schema you get an error that is can't find the xsd, to resolve this, a person can put that particular XSD on their local machine in the path specified in the error (different per machine), but since this same xsd is loaded on the server, shouldn't the data mapper be able to load that xsd when opening? If we have multiple users and an xsd that changes, we would have the xsd on the server as the most recent version of the xsd, so I would want that to the be the xsd that loads against the target or source schema and not a potential old or outdated xsd on some persons local machine that I don't have control of. Is there a way to have the data mapper access the xsd's placed on the server?



Use Adeptia's File References feature to upload a zip file of XSDs (or WSDLs). This will allow any user to open the data mapping activity and schema that refers to these files.

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