Open LDAP connector - Querying custom fields or Tables


While using the Open LDAP Connector to establish connection in Adeptia, is there a way to adjust the generated query to select Custom fields other than Default LDAP fields? These fields are present on LDAP server but does not appear by default.


The Open LDAP connector by default populates and generates the query only for the default LDAP fields. Any custom fields or table manually added on the LDAP server are not defined in the Schema definition of Open LDAP Connection.


Please follow the steps below for adding any custom fields in the Open LDAP.

  • Download the extract on the server where Adeptia Suite is Installed.
  • Add "Location" parameter/property at the end of DB URL defined in the DB info created.

          Example: Location=C:\Users\admin\Desktop\db\;

  • The schema files that are shipped with product can be found in 'db' folder in the installation directory.
  • If you're just trying to add additional fields to an existing table then you can simply add the following line in the schema to the optional attribute section in it's .rsd file.

<attr name='EmployeeName' xs:type="string" readonly="false" required="false" desc="The optional attribute 'EmployeeName' for this ObjectClass."/>

After that try to create the Schema with the updated field.

Similarly, you can also add custom tables by following the below link:




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