View Rest call URL after execution


How to view the actual Rest URL call after execution of a flow? I have a JSON/Rest web service call that I needs to be viewed to check if the query parameters on the call were set properly. 



You can view the REST request sent in the KernelApplication.log file (/ServerKernel/logs/applicationlogs), after enabling the "" system property

1) Go to Administer > Setup > Application Settings > Update System Properties
2) Services > Web Service Configuration
3) Set "" to True
4) Save the changes and reload the configuration


Here's an example of the KernelApplication.log entry

2016-07-27 13:25:54 Jul 27, 2016 1:25:54 PM org.glassfish.jersey.filter.LoggingFilter log
2016-07-27 13:25:54 INFO: 1 * Sending client request on thread Flow Thread(192168038168146964395292500002)
2016-07-27 13:25:54 1 > GET
2016-07-27 13:25:54 1 > Authorization: Basic UmVnasdere2ZFVzZXI6QWRtaW5AMTIzNA==

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