Utilize System Configuration Parameters in Mapping


The requirement is to extract and map the Parameters defined in the System Configuration or server-configure.properties file in Data Mapping



The parameters defined in System Configuration or server-configure.properties file are defined in class file IndigoConfig which is present in 'com.adeptia.indigo.system' package. The Static methods defined in the class file can be extracted in Data Mapping.

Below are the steps to extract "abpm.webserver.public.address" Parameter in Mapping. Follow the same steps to extract other parameters:

  1. Create a Custom Method using class Package (com.adeptia.indigo.system.IndigoConfig) and Method (getIndigoWebserverPublicAddress).

    2. Create a Global Variable to Store the Custom method created in Step 1.

     3. Create a Variable which defines the return type for variable created in Step 2.

    4. Apply the variable (varGetWebAddPublicAdd) created in Step 2 in textual rule of Mapping Element. After applying this rule, you will be able to fetch "abpm.webserver.public.address" at target element.

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