Update DR Back End Database


The back-end database of the Disaster Recovery instance of Adeptia is not in-sync with the Production instance. In that case, update the back-end database with the latest activities from Production regularly.


You can do this using Adeptia's Migration Utility. Here's how:

1) Confirm that the build tag of Production and DR are identical: Adeptia Suite Build Tag

2) Pause the DR Scheduler (Administer > Maintenance > Scheduler)

3) Run the Migration Utility (Offline Migration) on Production (selecting Database Objects only)
- Migrating Entire Backend Database

4) Run the Migration Utility on DR (Offline Migration - importing Database objects only)
5) De-activate any active triggers in DR (if necessary)
6) Start the DR scheduler

Leverage the steps shown above to restore a lower environment (Development, QA, UAT, etc.) with the activities from Production.

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