Connecting to Backend Database (HSQL)

How to create a connection with embedded database (HSQLDB).

- Kernel must be started
- Database client application should be installed

Connecting to HSQLDB using DBVizualiser. Steps may vary depending upon the Database client application you are using.
Steps to connect to embedded backend database:
1. Open the database client application.
2. Open the wizard to create a new connection.
3. Use the hsqldb-2.2.9.jar to connect to the embedded backend database. You can find this jar within <AdeptiaSuiteInstallationFolder>/AdeptiaServer/ServerKernel/web/libs/driver folder.
4. Define the Driver ClassName for HSQLDB.

For example: If you are using DBVizualizer then you can use Database Driver as HSQLDB embedded

Define the URL using the following syntax:

Userid - sa
Password - <leave as blank>

<databaseServerName> is the name/IP address of machine where Adeptia Suite Kernel is running.
<Port> is the port, which the embedded backend database uses. By default it is 2476.

For Example:

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