Creating Users in Adeptia Connect Installed without Mail Server

Requirement - An admin user should be able to add or invite users to Adeptia Connect in case there was no mail server configured at the time of Adeptia Connect's installation. 

Solution - Following steps help you add the users without sending an invitation email. To do this, ensure that you have access to Adeptia Connect's Backend/Rules database. 

Step 1 - Login with admin account credentials through Adeptia Connect.

Step 2 - Go to the Account tab and click the Users section.


Step 3 - Provide the user's details in the window shown below and click Send.


Step 4 - Connect to Adeptia Backend/Rules using any DB tool and open the table "AC_USER_ACTIVATION". In this table, locate the entry for the user you invited in the previous step. Copy the activation key value for that user to whom invite has been sent.


Step 5 - Modify the below URL to add the domain name, port and paste the activation key which is copied from the table "AC_USER_ACTIVATION" .


After hitting the URL fill the User Activation Registration form.

Step 6 - The user is now created in Adeptia Connect.

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