Cloning Existing AIS (Connect Server) Environment

Step 1: Simply copy & paste the existing Adeptia Connect folder from your existing environment to new environment keeping the installation path (or directory) same.

Step 2: Change to be made in file found under (..\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\etc)
  • Under Kernel Settings, update Cluster Node Name and Repository Address. (Repository address will be the default one but in case you have changed it then make sure to change the same according to the new environment.)
  • Under Services, Web service Host Name.
  • Under WebDAV Server, Webdav Server Name.
  • Backend and Logging database details.
  • Mail Server Properties if required to send mail from another user.
  • Version Control Settings - We can use the existing setting but to distinguish the environments, we can create a new folder under the same path.
  • Under WebServer, Web Server Domain Name and Web Server Public Domain Name or IP Address
Step 3: Change the backend database details under Configure DataSources in file found under (..\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\etc).

Step 4: Change the Node name, alias name in the clustering-service.xml file as required.

Step 5: Change the connect domain and Adeptia host URL in the file "..\ConnectPortal\resources_config" as required.
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