How to Implement and Test WS Consumer Activity

The following are the steps to test and implement WS Consumer:

  1. Try to hit the endpoint of the Web Service with the XML request in the body using any third-party tool like SOAP UI, PostMan, etc., and check if you are getting the correct response or not. 
  2. If you are able to get the desired outcome from Step 1 then create a test flow in Adeptia and use the below activities in a given sequence in the process flow.

    Context Source > put-context-var > REST webservice Consumer > Context Target

    Define the Parameter restRequest in Context Source and restResponse in Context Target. Refer to this document for more information.

  3. Again, define the variable 'restRequest' in put-context-var and add the complete XML request in the value section. 

If you are able to fetch the response from the above steps then implement this solution as per the requirement in the process flow so that the correct stream will reach to the Ws Consumer.

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