Error while resetting application cache


We are getting below error in the cluster environment after migration in the migration log.
Performing "{Reset cache=jdoCache,ediCache}" action(s) on server.
Error: Resetting of the cache on server failed!. Error :: java.lang.NullPointerException: Error while resetting application cache. [Cache Name=jdoCache]
Error: To reset the cache, go to Administrator > Maintenance > Kernel menu option in Adeptia GUI
Please see "migration.log" for detailed information.
When we perform the resetting of cache manually then the below error is faced:-
Whenever we reset the JDO cache from Administrator > Maintenance > Kernel option then the node URL on which this action is performing tries to communicate with other nodes of the cluster environment so that it reset the JDO cache of every node.
The issue is faced whenever the information about another node is not retrieved or when the node is unable to communicate.
After restarting the services, verify from System console if everything is working as expected about the cluster and all the nodes are able to communicate and have information about each other. Once this is working then try to perform the step for resetting the cache again.
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