MustUnderstand headers are not understood

SOAP Header Attributes

A SOAP Header can have the following two attributes −

Actor attribute

The SOAP protocol defines a message path as a list of SOAP service nodes. Each of these intermediate nodes can perform some processing and then forward the message to the next node in the chain. By setting the Actor attribute, the client can specify the recipient of the SOAP header.

MustUnderstand attribute

It indicates whether a Header element is optional or mandatory. If set to true, the recipient must understand and process the Header attribute according to its defined semantics, or return a fault.

In Adeptia Suite support for MustUnderstand attribute is provided V6.5 Mnt1 onward. But in some cases you will still recieve below fault in Response:

<summary>Exception: MustUnderstand headers:[{}Security] are not understood</summary>


This issue can be resolved by following the below steps:

  1. Goto ".\AdeptiaSuite-6.5\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\etc".
  2. Open "WS_Headers.xml" file.
  3. Add the QName tag at the end with the URL that is not understood.
  4. The LocalName of this URl will followed by URl in the summary of fault as in this case it is Security.
  5. Restart Adeptia Services after performing any changes in this file.

Example tag for above Fault:


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