Importing P7B SSL certificate in Adeptia


The Certificate Authorities provides multiple Certificate extensions for SSL authentication. A similar issue was raised for an extension <<certificate>>.p7b. On importing this certificate in Keystore the SSL was still not working.


The <<Certificate>>.p7b may contain multiple certificates and we can not import the .p7b certificate directly. We would need to convert this certificate file to a .cer extension and then import the same in Keystore to enable SSL.


The Certificate needs to be modified from <<Certificate>>.p7b file in a Certificate format. The modification of this file can be performed by OpenSSL tool. On modifying the .p7b file we can import the same in the keystore file. Below is the OpenSSL command that we need to execute to convert the .p7b file to .cer:

openssl pkcs7 -print_certs -in <<Certificate>>.p7b -out <<Certificate>>.cer
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