Setting up Certificate for Web Service calls

1. Go to Administer>Security>Keystore and select New .
2. Fill in the Name & Description and select the Keystore Type as JKS .
3. Fill in the Keystore Password and Private Key Password as changeit .
4. Select the Upload Keystore and Browse to the Adeptia Suite location.
5. In Adeptia suite follow the path AdeptiaServer-5.2\ServerKernel\etc\truststore.
6. Select the cacerts file and upload it in Upload Keystore .
7. Select the Alias name after Uploading the Keystore and Save it .

8. Go to Keystore activity and select the keystore you have created and click ImportCertificate.
9. On clicking ImportCertificate browse to the location (AdeptiaServer-5.2\ServerKernel\etc\jetty) where you have downloaded the certificate in the Certificate Path.
10. Upload the Certificate and enter the Alias Name and Save it .

11. Create New Security Policy activity by selecting SSL property and providing the TrustStore (Not in5.0) Properties . For any help on how to create Security Policy activity, please refer to Help > Developer Guide > Creating Web Services > Creating Security Policy Activity for Web Services.
12. Check the SSL and select the Keystore Name you have created .


13. Create Web Service Consumer activity by uploading your wsdl file. In the last screen of creating consumer activity, select the Security Policy ( created in Step 1 ) from the drop-down list and Save the activity. For any help on how to create Web Service Consumer activity , please refer to Help > Developer Guide > Creating Web Services > Creating Web Service Consumer Activity.


Note: Step 12 will be applicable for versions prior to Adeptia Suite v 5.3, Follow below step 12 for Adeptia Suite v 5.3.

12. Configure Outgoing Message Properties, Click on SIgnature and select the Keystore that you have created .


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