Override the parameters of REST WS Consumer

Overriding the URL of REST WS Consumer

Adeptia provides a pre-build variable "restUrl" through which you can override the Rest URL. You can simply access this variable in Process flow using the Put-Context-Var activity. Following are the steps for the same:-

1. Select the Rest consumer activity name.

2. Now, select the variable "restUrl" from the drop-down and provide its value.



Overriding the values of the REST parameters

You can override the values of parameters(query and header) by following the below steps:-

     1. Create a Put-Context-var activity in the process flow and define the variable name and its             value.


     2. Now call this variable name in the Rest Consumer activity by placing it in value.



Overriding the names and values for the named parameters

If you want to override parameters name and value both, then you can override it by putting variable name "resourceParameterXML" manually and in the value field, you have to provide the XML of parameters(format of XML is given below) in PutContextVar.

The format of XML:

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