Web Service - Generate a Template XML

Question: I've set up the .xsd's for the web service but am unsure about how to generate a template xml to be submitted to the web service. Is there a tool in Adeptia that will do that?



This can be achieved by following a few steps that are described below:

1) After the creation of WSProvider, download the corresponding WSDL or copy the link of WSDL URL.

  • To download the WSDL, go to Design->Web Services->Provider, a manage page will open. View and Download links will be display against the name of the Web Service Provider. 
  • Use Download link to download the WSDL and View link to copy the WSDL URL.

3) Load the WSDL in any third party Web Service tool like SOAPUI and It will generate a Template XML for web service request.

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