Overriding SOAPFault elements WS Provider response


- Requester calls Webservice provider
- Webservice provider starts process flow
- Process flows calls consumer webservice
- Consumer service returns soap-fault
- process flow forwards soap-fault to webservice provider
- webservice provider sends soap-fault from webservice consumer to wsP requester.



As we can understand you want to send the fault response back to the provider in case the WS consumer throws the fault.
This can be achieved by designing a simple process flow similar to:


In this Process Flow we have applied an ErrorIntermediateEvent on the WS Consumer and that stream is then passed to the ContextSource activity. The parameter name in the ContextSource activity must be exactly "Fault" as shown below:


Then you have to pass this stream to the ContextTarget activity. This context target should have the parameter name that is defined for the ContextTarget activity adjacent to WSConsumer in our case we have taken it as "out"

Working of this PF: Whenever we will hit the Provider from soapUI then this Process flow will be triggered. If the Consumer is executed without any fault response then the output is sent to the ContextTarget but in case a fault response is generated then it will follow the error intermediate path and the fault response will be stored in Fault parameter of Context Source that is further passed to the Provider.

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