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Situation: To call a webservice like VLTrader's I used to configure some parameters to prepare the WS call. This is not possible anymore by filling in some parameter fields. How should I achieve this in 6.0?


We have upgraded our parser to  EASYWSDL due to which by selecting binding all the Operations inside that will be processed. You can also change this parser to WSDL4J by going into administer and you will be able to see the operation after that.



Earlier to 6.0 for RPC styles WS Consumer you were able to select operations and pass required parameter values (simple type) at the time of consumer creation. That facility was provided because there were no option to use RPC consumers as schemas. You can only pass fixed values/XML at the time of definition. This was different to normal process where a data stream can be passed easily to the schema and further activities in process flow.

In the current v6.0, RPC WS consumer can be used in normal process i.e. schema generation, mapping etc. You can pass the request source XML directly to the RPC consumer or you can load the WS Consumer in mapping directly on target and can use any source to provide the data for the WS request. You don't have to manage the IN/OUT variables in process flow.

The major feature is that you now can create one WS Consumer for one binding instead of creating multiple consumer of same binding for different operations.

Adeptia 6.0 also has the backward compatibility for this feature. You can try changing the parser from EasyWSDL (default) to WSDL4J. You will now see the same screen to create the Consumer by passing values and selecting operations. Once created suppose you change the parser back to EasyWSDL, then also you can see the older screen for the consumer created but not while creating a new one.

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