Show entire message in web service consumer

Question: How can I show the entire SOAP message with the envelope that is sent to a web service consumer and provider?



This feature can be enabled in Web Service by following the below steps:

 1. Go to Administrator Tab

  2. Go to Setup –> Application Settings –> Update System Properties –> Services –> Web Service configuration

  3. Set the value of property "”  to true.

  4. Set the value of property "”  to true.

 Now all Web Service Requests/Responses will be logged into the Application logs.

 Note:- All Web Service consumer logs will go to KernelApplication.log and All Web Service Provider logs will go to WebrunnerApplication.log.

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    David Paras

    Enabling the "" in the "" seems to only log response messages.

    The setting should (by description) log both request and response messages. It would be nice if also HTTP-headers could be logged?

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    David Paras

    If you are trying log the request and response message for WS Provider, then you would need to select the Security Policy in the WS provider then you can see the response in logs.

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