Repository files cleanup in Linux/Unix environment

Adeptia repository files cleanup:

Please find the attached custom plugin code and file in order to clean the repository files.

1. Copy the file at any location on machine where the Adeptia Server is running.
2. Change the following parameter in file:

  •   Give the path of repository folder in place of " /AdeptiaServer-4.9/ServerKernel/web/repository/".
  •   Give the value of ā€œnā€ in "-mtime +n -exec rm -rf". where n is the number of days for which you wants to retain the repository files.

3. Give the path of file in Custom Plugin in p = rt.exec("/");.
4. Create and execute the Process Flow using this Custom Plugin.

You may bind this flow with an event to delete the repository files on a regular interval.

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