Log cleanup

We have a couple of options to clean the application logs, Automatically and Manually.



You can control the log cleanup properties by going to :
Administer > Configure > Application Settings > Update System Properties > Maintenance > Log Cleanup Properties

In the picture below the cleanup requires a Cron Expression. As a default it is set to cleanup daily at 8 PM (i.e., 20 hours). You can refer to Help on how to change the expression.

The second property refers to Retention time, as a default it is set to retain 5 days of logs.

After changing the properties, click on reload configuration link and also restart the kernels and webrunner.




To manually clear the logs (specially in cases where Adeptia is installed with embedded database).

Steps to clear logs from the Log database:

1. Save all the activities of Adeptia Server that you are working on.
2. Log out from the Adeptia Server.
3. Restart the Adeptia Kernel and Webrunner.
4. Now stop the Adeptia Kernel and Webrunner again.
5. Go to the location where Adeptia Server is installed and follow the path AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\embeddedDb\db
6. Open the file logs.script and delete all INSERT statements from the file.
7. Now save the file logs.script after deleting all INSERT statements and then start the Adeptia Kernel and Webrunner

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    David Paras

    The log cleanup already has the following settings and the logs.script file has no INSERT statements. So neither option in the log cleanup page seems like it will do anything for me.

    What now?

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    David Paras

    Please follow these steps:

    1) Take a backup of this directory (\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\embeddedDb\db) making sure to place the backup directory outside of the Adeptia Server folder (the desktop if possible)

    2) Stop the Kernel and WebRunner services.

    3) Open the logs.log file, delete the contents making sure the file is empty, and save the file

    4) Delete the logs.backup file

    5) Delete the logs.data file

    6) Restart the Kernel and WebRunner

    Note: This process will remove the existing process logs.

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    David Paras

    I followed the steps, but after restarting, it seems we're in the same state. The new messages below were added to the end of KernelApplication.log file and they're the same as what we had before.

    I've attached the db log files, you should probably look at the logs_err.log file. It looks like I may need to do something with the logs.script file. Also... the logs.data file was not automatically recreated during the attempt to start it back up.

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    David Paras

    This issue was resolved in Goto meeting. Below are the steps that we followed to resolve the issue:

    1. Removed the unused log files.
    2. Removed Process Flow repository files.
    3. Removed the recovery files.
    4. Open the logs.script and remove the table INDEX entries.
    5. Save the file and restart the services
    6. Checked log files and tried to login in Adeptia Suite.

    Everything seemed to work fine after the above steps but please check on your end if everything is working fine or not. In meeting we also found that lots of unused Kernel and Webrunner log files were getting collected in your environment. These files can be removed automatically by following the below forum post: http://support.adeptia.com/entries/21742507-automatically-delete-log-files.

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