PGP Encryption

The Adeptia Suite is able to encrypt a file by using public key with RSA Type and the size is 1024 byte.

To encrypt the file with your public key you need to to install the attached Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy files in JRE Environment. These files have to be installed in “/jre/lib/security” folder of the JRE used by Adeptia Kernel.

For installing Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy files, do the below changes. Here are the installation instructions:

• Uncompress and extract the file.
• This will create a subdirectory called “jce”.
• This directory contains the following files:

README.txt Read me file
COPYRIGHT.html Copyright information
local_policy.jar Unlimited strength local policy file
US_export_policy.jar Unlimited strength US export policy file

• Place the unlimited strength policy JAR files.

To utilize the encryption/decryption functionality of the JCE framework without any limitation, first make a copy of the original JCE policy files (US_export_policy.jar and local_policy.jar in the standard place for JCE jurisdiction policy JAR files) in case you later decide to revert to these "strong" versions. Then replace the strong policy files with the unlimited strength versions extracted in the previous step. The standard place for JCE jurisdiction policy JAR files is: “jre/lib/security”

Once this is completed, restart the Kernel and Webrunner.

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