Changing the owner of activities

As a system "admin" you can change the owner of the activities by following these steps:

  1. Log in as the Admin then expand the Administer category under the Administer and click on Setup > User.
  2. In the Manage User screen, click the radio button against the user that you want to move and then click the Move link. Then "Select Activities" screen is displayed with the list of activities belongs to the user.
  3. Select the required object(s) and their sub object(s) and click Move Objects button. The Change Ownership screen is displayed.
  4. Select the user to whom the objects will be moved to, from the drop-down list and then click Get Group(s) button. The Select Group screen is displayed with Group(s), the selected User belongs.
  5. Select the group the user belongs to and click Change Ownership button. A confirmation screen is displayed that the ownership of selected objects has been changed successfully.

Also refer to the Administrator Guide for more information.

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