Windows authentication SQL server named instance


I've read this tech note.

However I'm now using JTDS since I have a named instance of SQL server for backend and logs. How should I modify my connection URL to use integrated security in this case?



Below are the values of the parameters that we have used in the (ServerKernel\etc) file:

URL:  jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<<serverName>>:1433/DatabaseName;instance=INSTANCENAME;useNTLMv2=true;domain=domainName

Driver Class: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver

User Name: User name of the windows machine

Password: Password of windows machine

1) Modify the respective URL, Driver Class, Username, and Password property fields

<Group hide="true" name="Database Configuration">
<Property comment="JDO Database Driver Url" dynamic="no" name="abpm.jdo.driver">net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver</Property>
<Property comment="JDO Database Connection Url" dynamic="no"
<Property comment="JDO Database UserName" dynamic="no" name="abpm.jdo.username">dev_backend</Property>
<Property comment="JDO Database Password" dynamic="no"
encrypt="y" name="abpm.jdo.password">dVZNSp20gxg+jY6AXLgfRA==</Property>

<SubGroup name="Database Appender">
<Property comment="JDBC URL" dynamic="no"
<Property comment="JDBC Driver Class" dynamic="no" name="log4j.appender.jdbc.dbclass">net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver</Property>
<Property comment="JDBC User Name" dynamic="no" name="log4j.appender.jdbc.username">dev_logs</Property>
<Property comment="JDBC Password" dynamic="no"
encrypt="y" name="log4j.appender.jdbc.password">dVZNSp20gxg+jY6AXLgfRA==</Property>


2) The same modifications need to be implemented in file as well


3) Restart Adeptia Services after making the changes.


Warning: Adeptia does not recommend using JTDS driver to connect with Microsoft SQL Server for production environments, we recommend using the MS SQL Server JDBC driver. Adeptia will not provide support for issues related to JTDS driver.


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