How to Configure Active Directory via LDAP

LDAP and Adeptia

Adeptia performs user login authentication in 2 ways:

1. Configure user accounts in Adeptia Suite. Whenever you log in to Adeptia Suite, the username and password gets authenticated from list of Username and Password stored in the Adeptia Suite database.

2. Connect to Active Directory via LDAP. Adeptia Suite is certified with Windows Active Directory and Open LDAP Server.

LDAP is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services from the LDAP server over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The LDAP Directory services provide an organized set of records, often with a hierarchal structure such as a corporate email directory. LDAP is specified in a series of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standard Track Request for Comments (RFCs).


You must have administrative rights within Adeptia Suite to enable LDAP Authentication and Authorization.
LDAP Server must be installed.

Please find the  guide for configuring Adeptia with LDAP here


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