Adeptia Backup FAQ

Q: What is the backup capability of Adeptia?

 - User errors may cause a system to malfunction. In certain circumstances, a component or system failure may not be repairable. A backup and recovery facility should be available to back up the system at certain intervals and restore a backup when a unrepairable failure occurs. Adeptia provides a backup utility which is distributed  with product. Refer “Backup & Restore” section in “Administrator Guide” (pg.77)


Q:What is backed up?

 -  The backup utility takes the backup of complete backend repository (user defined objects) and system configuration files (system settings). 

In case of a system crash, you can install the Adeptia suite (same version) and apply the backup to restore your application to original state before crash


Q: What is not backed up?

-  Logs & Adeptia application files (jars, images, or anything that is included in installer) .


Q: Does it run on-demand or can it also be setup to run on a scheduled basis?

- Adeptia provides a command line utility that can executed on demand. You can also automate by creating a process flow in Adeptia that will call this command line utility & schedule this process flow using Events in Adeptia. We've provided an example using the application log cleanup function here:


Q:  Does the backup feature include backing up the Subversion repository?

 - Not at this time

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