Character Set Encoding FAQ

I have discovered that I need to update the Character Set Encoding we use in our instance of Adeptia. The primary data source we’re getting is using the ‘Windows-1252’ character set, rather than ISO-8559-1. The purpose here is to support the windows ‘smart quotes’ that our DB sometimes contains.

1. Is ‘Windows-1252’ a valid character set supported by Adeptia?

Adeptia>>It is a valid character set supported by Adeptia.

2. If I change the Application Settings to this character set, will it automatically update all processes that have already been created, or do I need to go through and update everything else manually?

Adeptia>>There are two levels to set character set encoding in the Adeptia Suite:

  1. Configuring Character Set Encoding at Global level(Application Settings).
  2. Configuring Character Set Encoding within the process flow.

If the character set encoding is none in Process Designer it will be fetched from global level for every activity where the character set encoding can be defined and set to none. For more information on this you can refer:

3. If I change the Application Settings, will it break anything currently created?

Adeptia>>Changing the application settings(Global) won't affect the encoding set in the process flow for already created activities.

4. Our process flows use dynamic schema selection, so the output schemas are not tied directly to a particular process flow. As a result, do I need to update each individual schema as well as the process flows?

While designing the Process Flow in Process Designer we can change the encoding of the activity/schema that is used by going into the properties of that activity itself and changing "Character Set Encoding". Then in that case if you want to over-ride the schema dynamically then those properties won't be changed. The encoding set in the Process Designer will be used for the dynamically selected schema.






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