LDAP - Active Directory Group filter


When I log in I see lots of Groups listed that are not relevant in the context of Adeptia Usage. I want to filter out the Groups that are not relevant.



We have following groups in the active directory :

  • testGroup
  • testAdeptiaGroup

We have a user “testUser” that belongs to both the group. Integrate the LDAP with AdeptiaSuite and provide “(&(member={1})(&(objectClass=group)(CN=*Adeptia*)))” in role filter criteria (abpm.ldap.roleFilter) and log in with the user. The user logged in successfully with ‘testAdeptiaGroup’, the other group does not appear in the search.



After updating the role filter as “(&(member={1})((objectClass=group)))” then both the groups fetched from the LDAP server are displayed on the log in screen and the user can select from which group they want to logged in under.

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