LAN file source

I found the following text in the developer’s guide explaining the LAN-file source.

When Adeptia Suite is installed on Windows, the LAN File Source uses
windows service to connect to remote machine to access any file. It just
connects once and uses the same connection with the same User ID and
Password (which is stored in the cache) every time. If you want to enforce
the validation of User ID and Password every time while accessing the file on
a remote machine, check Use VFS checkbox.

Question: It is said the user of the windows service is being used to set up a connection. But there are two. Which one is being used?

Answer: When Adeptia Suite makes a connection with a LAN location then uses the credentials filled in the activity. The connection to a LAN location is not made through Kernel or Webrunner. It has the connectivity with the VFS.api when VFS is checked. When it is unchecked then the connection is made using the Local System account. This local system account would be used by the windows services to make a valid LAN connection. The username and password which is filled in at the time of installation has no specific role in make the LAN connections.

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