Connecting to MQ

This article describes how to connect to MQ.

In Adeptia Suite the following steps are needed to configure your MQ connection:

1. Create the JMS Provider service. In this activity you need to provide the pointer, the type of MQ, the host URL.

    Adeptia supports all MQs such as IBM Websphere MQ, Oracle AQ, Oracle Weblogic, Apache ActiveMQ, HornetQ etc.


2. Create the JMS Source and the JMS Event service to pick up data from MQ in real-time. Here we would provide the Queue or Topic names.

Create a similar JMS Target if we need to put data into the Queue.

If for example your Queue name is "adeptia" then the format of providing the name here is "dynamicQueues/adeptia"



IBM Webshere also has a Native MQ connection which is supported through a Adeptia custom plugin using a native java API  to access the MQ. Native MQ is a proprietary api provided by IBM in multiple languages including java so that applications running on these can communicate to MQ. IBM also provides JMS wrapper around this native api called MQ JMS, so that a JMS client can talk to MQ using JMS API.

Here is a link to the video that shows how to connect to a MQ and use it in a process flow.

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