Real-time process trigger by MQ using JMS Event

In this data integration use case a Message Queue will trigger an orchestration in real-time. Steps are:

  1. Configure a connection to Message Queue (Apache Active MQ) using JMS Provider service
  2. Configure a JMS Source and JMS Event with the specific queue name
  3. JMS Event automatically triggers the process flow when a new message is inserted into the queue
  4. Design an orchestration that would take the incoming message from the MQ and then map to database
  5. Show the run-time logs dashboard and discuss the use of projects in organizing your activities


We can use any MQ for this example such as Oracle AQ, IBM Websphere MQ, Hornet MQ etc. Goal of this example is to use this process flow as a template to build more sophisticated orchestrations where source or target is a Message Queue.

Refer to the walk-through PDF, deployable solution file, and the sample message data.

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