NetSuite Integration with HIPAA messages

In this B2B Integration example we will show how to run automated lookups to find specific data in NetSuite and add that data into a HIPAA message before loading the message into a database.

Adeptia's NetSuite integration connector provides easy connectivity and exposes all the NetSuite data objects as database tables. This allows developers to run SQL queries in Adeptia's Data Mapper and get the information from NetSuite and map it to any field of the HIPAA message such as a Claims 837 transaction.

Please refer to the below video that shows how the NetSuite connection can be used to integrate data with HIPAA messages.

Adeptia: Integration of data from NetSuite with HIPAA from Adeptia, Inc. on Vimeo.

To learn more; check out Adeptia NetSuite Integration Connector.


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