Creating Workflows to handle data errors

In this example we will take Customer Enrollment data files arriving in a folder and map them to a back-end database. As part of the data integration we will apply transformation rules to map the incoming data to the desired output expected by the database. If there are any errors in the data, those errors will be routed to a workflow task for a user to correct and resubmit.  Please find the walk-through, deployable process flow, and source file below.

 Description of the process design:

  1. File  event triggers the process flow on arrival of new or modified file.
  2. "Get Enrollment data from source” is a File Source activity which receives new or modified files from the File event
  3. "Mapping conversion rules" is a mapping activity that maps valid records to the database and errors to a Human Workflow task
  4. "Database target” inserts the valid data into a MySQL database table.
  5. “Check error” is a gateway condition that checks for errors, If True it routes the errors to Workflow task, Else it ends the process
  6. “Workflow Task to manage exceptions” is a Workflow task to correct errors through a web form
  7. “Correction file target” is the location for placing corrected records so that they can be picked up by the file event






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