Upload a file to a web form


I would like to create a web form where one of our Sales persons can upload a document with a form as attachment. For example, he fills in his name and a file.



You will need to create a custom JSP. Below are the high level steps that you can follow in your jsp for achieving this requirement:

  1. In custom the jsp, Upload the File to the local server where Adeptia is running.
  2. Create a File Source activity having the same File Path where this File is placed.
  3. Use the same File Source in the Process Flow that shall be triggered after form is submitted.
  4. Set the Entity ID of Process Flow in the JSP using the code that needs to be executed. Refer attachment for more details.
  5. Create a mapping activity that will set all the form or other values in context and can be fetched from thecontext at process flow runtime. In the attached file we have taken the example of FileName.
  6. In the JSP, set the Source File Name in the Context Map and that can be used in Process Flow by Overriding File name of File Source activity.
  7. The Last statement in the attached File will Execute the Process Flow whose Entity ID is set in "processFlowTransID".
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