Dynamic Filename in Microsoft Excel Driver


I need to process an .xlsx file containing multiple sheets.

The Adeptia support forum recommends treating excel as a database schema: http://support.adeptia.com/entries/21277917-Treating-Excel-as-database-schema

Is there a way of passing the filename to the database info when the process flow is kicked off via file trigger?



We have looked into your scenario and hopefully the following approach should fulfill your requirement. You can get the source file name that triggered the Process by following below forum post.

File name can be picked by $$Service.ActivityName.fileName$$ in the Put Context Var activity. The only change that you have to do is to over-ride the URL of DB info activity and use the above file name variable for fetching the file name. For overriding DB info parameters refer below forum post.

Server URL should be like this: jdbc:odbc:Driver={MicroSoft Excel Driver (.xls)};DBQ=$$Service.ActivityName.fileName$$*


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