Upgrade to v6.0 (non-patch)


I show the latest version of EBIM 6.0 is available for download. We are currently running 5.3 (Release_5_3_SP1_15June_2012). What steps do we need to take to get the latest version downloaded and installed in our development environment so we can begin our testing on the latest version? We've been notified that the upgrade patch will be available soon, but we would like to get started on our testing.


Here are the high level steps for performing this installation:
1. Firstly you need to stop the services of previous version of Adeptia Suite 5.3 SP1.
2. Unzip the downloaded zip file and follow the instructions for installation.
3. After finishing installation start the Adeptia Services of newly installed Adeptia 6.0.
4. Deploy the Offline Migration zip created from Adeptia 5.3 SP1 with the help of Migration Utility in Adeptia 6.0. (https://adeptia.com/adeptia-migration-utility-guide)

Note: You'll need to request a v6.0 license from your account manager.



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