Upgrade Tips


- As a best practice, we recommend that all upgrades be tested on a non-production environment to minimize possible production down-time.

- Once full testing has been completed on the non-production environment, a restoration plan should be compiled in case the production upgrade is unsuccessful.

- Consider any system or database configurations that may have been made outside of Adeptia and their effect on your Adeptia installation

Back-up Plan:

Here's an excerpt from our patch application document:

Before applying the patch, it is recommended to take the backup of the database that is used as back-end by Adeptia Suite.

In case the embedded database is used as back-end follow the steps below to take its backup:
a. Stop Kernel and WebRunner.
b. Go to ./AdeptiaServer/ServerKernel folder.
c. Copy the embeddedDB folder and keep it into a separate folder.

In case any other database is used as back-end database, you need to follow the backup instructions given by that Database Server.
To know which database is used as back-end database, refer to: http://support.adeptia.com/entries/22054956-Identify-Backend-Database.

Special Case:

If you have previously been provided a "hot-fix" or custom patch for an urgent request, please test the upgrade on a non-production environment in case of any compatibility issues.

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